Acne is a common skin disease. Acne happens when the pores are clogged. It is commonly seen on
face, neck, back, and chest.
Once a pore becomes clogged, it traps skin oil inside. Bacteria grows in this oil and can cause an inflammatory response in the skin. Acne lesions can be small and hardly noticeable. It can be small white, black heads or can appear red with a white/yellow center. Sometimes a clogged pore will become so inflamed that it can lead to larger, more painful lesions called nodules or cysts, which can ultimately become scar. 

Acne appears on skin as

  1. Occluded pores (“comedones”)
  2. Tender red bumps 
  3. Pustules 
  4. Cysts 

What are the Acne treatments?

Dual Yellow Laser Silkpeel Dermalinfusion Viva RF Acne

How can we help you?

At Revival, we emphasize the early acne treatment to prevent acne scarring.

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