The Most Effective Stretch Mark Treatment in Malaysia

By Revival Medical Clinic

Stretch Mark Treatment

What is Stretch Mark?

  1. Stretch mark is also call striae
  2. Medically its consider as a kind of skin scarring with skin colour hue distortion
  3. Stretch marks are due to rapid tearing or stretching of dermis
  4. Commonly, it occurs at breasts, lower abdomen, thighs, hips, lower back, buttock and arms

Causes of Stretch Mark

  1. Hormonal changes during puberty
  2. Pregnancy especially at 3rd trimester
  3. Body building- rapid growth
  4. Hormone replacement therapy-steroidal influences will weaken collagen in the skin matrix and risk for stretch marks formation
  5. Obesity- rapid gaining of body weight or rapid growth

Stretch Mark Treatments

  1. Topical products
  2. Peelings
  3. Microneedling
  4. Dermoscrapping
  5. Dermabrasion
  6. Mesotherapy
  7. Vitamin injection with collagen stimulation
  8. Fractional laser resurfacing
  9. Endolift laser compaction
  10. Thread lift
  11. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
  12. Hyaluronic acid therapy
  13. Radiofrequency therapy
  14. Ultrasound VASER Liposelection

Pitfall of Stretch Mark Treatment

  1. Stretch mark treatment had gone through significant evolution as compared to treatment options available centuries ago.
  2. Stretch mark treatment safety and effectiveness are greatly enhanced with the latest treatments such as thread lift and endolift laser therapy
  3. Generally, combination of techniques will enhance the treatment outcomes as well as more cost effective
  4. Stretch mark treatment can be commence as fast as 4-6 months of delivery of pregnancy
  5. Effectiveness of all stretch mark treatments are always inferior to stretch mark prevention methods such as topical products, which enhance skin vitamins and antioxidants.

By Revival Medical Clinic

Cellulite Treatment


  • Cellulite is a herniation of subcutaneous/ fats which is compound by fibrous tissue.
  • Clinically, it looks like uneven skin contour with dimpling and nodular surface.
  • It presents commonly around buttocks, tights and abdomen.
  • It can present in any age group, commonly in post puberty females.

Causes of Cellulite Formation

  • Metabolism factors: Multiple factors from genetic, hormonal and lifestyle factors which progressively affect the metabolism of skin connective tissue (collagen), extracellular matrix and fat cells.
  • Variance of fats distribution, lymphatic drainage and circulation system which also predispose an individual for celllulite formation.

Treatment Options for Cellulite

Pitfalls of Cellulite Treatments

  • Generally cellulite has slow progressive improvement after any treatment.
  • Sometime it takes long duration of treatment for significant improvement of cellulites.
  • Liposelection or Liposuction treatment is a better choice for candidates who would like to have faster and more significant improvement for cellulites.
  • Multiple combination of treatment choices will usually promise better outcome for cellulites reduction.
  • Proper and effective weight losing is the most important factor determining the effectiveness of cellulites improvement.
  • In term of effectiveness among the treatment choices for cellulites, Liposelection/ Liposuction is by far the most effective ( in combination with weight loss management), follow by Lipolysis mesotherapy, mechanical vacuum and rolling which can be combine with radio frequency, ultrasonic or infrared therapy.
  • Anyhow, results for cellulite is not promising and the outcome might varies from individual to individual as due to the multi-factorial causes of cellulites formation.

By Revival Medical Clinic

Nasolabial Fold/ Laugh Lines Treatment

Nasolabial Fold / Laugh Lines

  • Nasolabial folds which are also known as laughing lines or smile lines are facial features that indicating ageing. 
  • Nasolabial folds are defined as two skin folds that run from corner of nose to the corner of the mouth.
  • Nasolabial folds/ laugh lines divide cheeks and upper lip.

Treatment Options for Nasolabial Fold/ Laugh Lines

Pitfalls of Nasolabial Fold/ Laugh Lines Treatments

  • Dermal fillers has been a common choice for nasolabial fold/ laugh lines treatment, it has promising results for nasolabial fold/laugh lines improvement.
  • If the condition of nasolabial fold is not due to volume loss, then fillers treatment might not have significant results.
  • Thread lifting has been a new wave of treatment in nasolabial folds.
  • There are more and more new techniques and design of threads that promising better results for nasolabial fold.
  • Of course, power used in nasolabial fold treatment such as lasers, radio frequency and ultrasonic did show significant proportions of improvement in nasolabial folds
  • Somehow, nasolabial fold might not be improve significantly or effectively with the above mentioned treatment choices, then how? Any alternatives?
  • Yes, Endolift Acculift is now a good and promising alternative choice of treatment.
  • Acculift can help in reducing the droopy fat over nasolabial folds as well as firming the skin around the cheek to enhance the nasolabial folds reduction.

By Revival Medical Clinic

Dermaceutical Products

How to Customize Dermaceutical Products for your Personnel Skin Care?

Basic Dermaceutical Methods are as Below

  1. Cleanser
  2. Toner
  3. Moisturizer
  4. Serum
  5. Day and Night Cream
  6. Eye cream
  7. Neck cream
  8. Sunscreen

Myths about Dermaceutical Products

  1. Cleanser- Deep cleansing and scrubbing?
  2. Toner- Close up pores?
  3. Moisturizer- For whitening?
  4. Serum- For Hydration ?
  5. Day and Night cream- Day for hydration and Night for Lightening?

Facts of Dermaceutical Products

  • Cosmeceuticals products do works in certain sense.
  • Cosmeceuticals still playing an important role as basic skin care, skin protection and skin treatments.
  • Proper usage of customized dermaceutical products to individual skin from time to time will definitely make the skin care worthwhile and effective.

What in Fact Skin Cares Really Do?

  1. Cleanser: Suppose to clean the skin surface debris only, shouldn’t be scrubbing and ablating skin surface. Shouldn’t be deep cleansing, it will be too much damage onto the skin.
  2. Toner: Suppose to tune and tone up the skin vasculature circulations and regenerative status. But the problem of alcohol containing toner is that it always make the skin becomes dry and dehydrated rather than hydrating it.
  3. Moisturizer: Suppose to promote hydration on the epidermis (most surface part of skin), hence promote absorption of active ingredients into skin.
  4. Serum suppose to carry all the active ingredients for skin rejuvenations, and at best in 100% purity of the active ingredients. Hence the function of hydrating the skin should leave to the moisturizer.
  5. Sunscreen is the most important part of skin care as its shield and protects skin from UV (ultraviolet) damages on the skin.

Benefits and Usefulness of Dermaceutical Products

  1. Oily, comedones and acne prone skin
  2. Open pores and poor skin tone
  3. Sensitive and dry skin
  4. Pigmentation and sun damage freckles
  5. Melasma
  6. Skin whitening and glowing
  7. Sagging skin
  8. Wrinkles and fine lines of skin
  9. Sun protection

By Revival Medical Clinic

Oil Seeds Removal

Concerned about Some Weird Skin Growth on Face?

  • There are multiple causes for skin growth on face which can happen to everyone.
  • Skin growth on face might not be necessary only due to acne or oil seeds.
  • It could be something else.
  • So, what is the other possibilities of skin growth on face beside acne?
  • It could be:
  1. Syringomas
  2. Trichoepithelioma
  3. Viral Warts
  4. Seborrhoeic Keratosis/ Basal Cell Papilloma/ Brown Warts
  5. Molluscum Contagiosum
  6. Sebaceous Hyperplasia

Oil Seeds is a Common or Layman Terms on Majority of Growth of Skin on Face, but What are Those Skin Growths Really are?

So, What are They?


  • Syringomas are harmless sweat duct growth.
  • They are most commonly found in clusters on the eyelids but they also may arise elsewhere on the face such as armpits, umbilical, chest etc.
  • Syringomas may easily confused with Xanthelasma patch (Cholesterol deposits on eyelid)
  • Treatment: Often treated with laser.
  • Usually treatment with laser needs to be repeated multiple times as syringomas tends to recur.
  • Due to the lesions (syringomas) are often deep, removal with laser would probable causes scarring.


  • Single or multiple benign hair follicle growth arise on face after puberty.
  • The growth forms rudimentary hair follicles but do not form actual hair shafts.
  • Individual lesion might confuse with Basal Cell Carcinoma (Solitary Tumours)
  • Multiple lesions might confuse with Milias ( Small Epithelial Cysts) or Syringomas
  • Treament: Often with laser.
  • Usually treatment with laser needs to be repeated multiple times as partial removal of the lesions will usually followed by regrowth.
  • Removal with laser would probably causes scarring also.

Viral Warts

  •  Warts are skin growth that caused by Human Papilloma Virus (HPV).
  • More than 70 HPV subtypes are found
  • Its common and spread by direct contact or auto-inocculation
  • Treatment choices such as Cryotherapy, Laser, Chemical Treatment and Electrosurgery.

Seborrhoeic Keratosis/ Basal Cell Papilloma/ Brown Warts

  • Common lesions happen in adults life
  • They appear like a pigmentation patch stick on the skin
  • Treatments choices such as Cryotherapy, Laser, Shave Biopsy and Electrosurgery.

Molluscum Contagiosum

  • Common viral skin infection affecting children. It can also happen in adults although rarer
  • Appears as cluster of small bumps especially as moist places such as armpit, behind knees and groins.
  • Frequently associated with eczema/ atopy dermatitis.
  • Treatment choices such as Cryotherapy, Laser and Chemical treatment
  • It is possible to be spontaneous resolving on its own without any treatments.

Sebaceous Hyperplasia

  • Enlarged sebaceous gland commonly seen on forehead or cheek of middle aged or elderly
  • It is a form of benign/ harmless hair follicle growth.
  • Treatments choices such as Laser and Electrosurgery.

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The Most Effective Stretch Mark Treatment in Malaysia
Stretch Mark Treatment