By Revival Medical Clinic

Nose Filler Enhancement

What is Nose Filler Enhancement?

  • Nose is an important structure in the middle of the face.
  • Asian population always having the problem of freshy, flat and broaden nose which making the person’s look broaden and non attractive.
  • Wishing to have an attractive nose without worries? It is possible now!!
  • Nose Filler Enhancement commonly with non/ minimal invasive methods that enhance the balance of nose shape with the facial shape and facial structures.
  • Hence to make a person’s look become more attractive and photogenic.
  • Nose filler enhancement is suitable for all people ranging from young teenager to elderly.
  • Nose filler enhancement with minimal invasive method is also a Rejuvenation technique to enhance an aging look and Harmonize the sagging conditions of aging.

Several Ways of Nose Enhancement

Non/minimal Invasive:

  1. Topical Products?
  2. Fillers injection
  3. Fat injection
  4. Thread lift
  5. PRP injection
  6. Botulinum toxin


  1. Surgical Implant
  2. Autologous (Own Tissue) Bone / Cartilage Transplant
  3. Heterogenous Rhinoplasty

Secret of Revival Nose Filler Enhancement

  1. More balance looking of tall nose with projectable eyebrow
  2. Sharp and attractive nose tip
  3. Stable Filler’s material and technique of injection.
  4. Preventing filler shifting problems
  5. More 3 Dimensional effect of Nose enhancement.
  6. Characteristic Enhancement

Why Nose Filler Enhancement is Better than Nose Surgery Implant?

  1. NO side effects of anaesthesia
  2. NO risk of Implant erosion on bone or skin
  3. NO worries of difficulties in revisions if needed
  4. NO worries about what will happen on the implant when you are getting older