By Revival Medical Clinic

Sunblock Protection

What does sunblock function?

  • SPF in sunblock  means Sun Protection Factor. Literally it means how much of time you can stand under the sun without getting sunburned.
  • For example, SPF 30 would allow you to stand under the sun in 30 times longer the period you can without any sun protection.
  • Generally, sun damage on our skin is happening since we are born. UVA and UVB can cause accumulative sun damage to our skin.
  • Sun ray can be reflected from any reflecting surface such as water, mirror, glass, and etc. So sun damage on our skin is happening all the time whenever there is sun appearance.

Importance of Sunscreen

  • Sunscreen can be either physical or chemical types of mechanism of action.
  • Physical sunscreen generally acts like a physical sun shield that protect and reflect UVA and UVB from your skin, hence protect and minimize sun damages on your skin.
  • Generally, physical sunscreen with a higher spf will helps to protect your fragile skin especially when its injured for whatever reasons included post facial peeling, laser or ablative treatment.
  • For daily and casual sunscreen protection of skin, spf 30 and above is generally good enough and recommended.
  • For fairer skin type, aging skin or pigmentation prone skin type, preferable to use a physical sunscreen with higher spf rather than a chemical sunscreen.
  • Effective sun protection will help to slow down the skin ageing process as well as preventing the risks of skin diseases such as melasma, melanoma or skin malignancy

Oral Sunscreen

  • Acting as antioxidants and reducing the UV light induced free radicals damages in skin, oral sunblock is very useful for people that have inevitable sun exposure.
  • It’s highly recommended as a complimentary to sun protection by sunscreen.