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Baldness in men, labelled medically as a condition called androgenic alopecia, is identified to be the primary cause of hair loss among males. The pattern begins usually up top creating a crown or on the temples where it thins out until it becomes bald. Men treat this as a source of mockery especially when it happens in the early stages of their life which can really affect the self-confidence of that person.

What causes hair balding?


Research is still going on for pinpointing all the reasons why men go bald, however, the general reason is that it is in a person’s genes. A long line of family members that have gone bald throughout their lives will mean that you should expect to start going bald around the same time they have or earlier. Most of the time, men experience this event when they reach forty, but, there are certain cases wherein it starts as a boy reaches adulthood which can be as early as eighteen.


Androgens are the hormones responsible for a man to lose their hair because it affects that hair follicles that hold them. Dihydrotestosterone, the androgen form of testosterone, is the specific hormone identified to be the major cause for the condition and it is created by the 5-alpha reductase enzyme which processes testosterone and turns it into DHT. If there is an imbalance of DHT levels, it will stop hair cells from growing that causes hair to be loose and eventually fall out.


Certain medications may also have an effect on the health of hair follicles, resulting to eventual hair loss. Among these medications are those taken for cancer, birth control, and clinical depression.

What are the hair loss therapies available?

Mesotherapy Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP hair loss treatment)

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