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    What is Melasma?

    • Melasmas and hyper pigmentation of face is a common condition of facial problem.
    • Melasmas is common especially in asian country due to the asian ethnic population such as chinese, malay and indian etc. which their skin are more prone for pigmentation formation.
    • Melasmas is commoner in certain asian country as well due to hot and sunny weather all year long.
    • Melasmas can be trigger by several factors such as sun exposure, hormonal consumptions, pregnancy and external cosmetic/ chemical products.
    • There are generally two forms of melasma, it is either angiogenic melasmas or non-angiogenic melasmas.
    • Generally, angiogenic melasmas is more common than non-angiogenic melasmas.
    • Conventionally, angiogenic melasma is more difficult to treat and it has a higher rate of relapse or rebounce.

    Treatment Options of Melasma

    • Topical products such as  hydroquinone, retinoid, steroidal , arbutin, kojic acid, niacinamide, lactic acid and alpha hydroxyl acid.
    • Peeling therapy
    • Dermabrasion therapy
    • Mesotherapy
    • IPL (Intense Pulse Light) therapy
    • Lasers therapy- ablative and non-ablative
    • Radiofrequency therapy
    • Endolift laser therapy
    • Thread therapy

    Treatments for Melasma

    • Melasmas usually needs multiple sessions of treatment to see improvement
    • Usually some maintenance treatments are needed to have a long term melasma improvement
    • Combination of treatment options usually will have synergistic effect
    • Combination of treatment options will be more cost effective too
    • Certain areas of melasma are difficult and poor responsive to treatment such as around the eye, nose, lips and forehead
    • Sometime, poor responsive melasma cases will need oral supplement as combination with external treatment to gain more effective result.
    • So far, there are still no any single treatment option of melasma which is rather much more effective than the other.
    • Most of the treatment options available for melasma treatment are rather complimentary to each other treatment options as to enhance a better outcome.


    freckles, pigmentation, melasmaMelasmaPigmentation

    freckles, pigmentation, melasma

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