PK24 (24 Hour Vaginal Tightening Cream)

PK24 is the only clinically tested vaginal 24-hour tightening cream. PK24 has given thousands of women that “extra edge” to achieve a high level of “Feminine Sexual Esteem”. Besides of increasing in sensation, it has renewed their sense of sexual empowerment and brought added pleasure for the partner.


Enhanced arousal
Rejuvenated sense of youthful self
Heightened sexual vitality
Greater sexual confidence
Increased sexual pleasure for both a woman and her partner

Direction – Apply a dime-sized amount to the tip of your finger. Insert and massage thoroughly to vaginal walls. Apply one to two times daily for optimum results.
Suitable for all ages.

Luscious Lip

Luscious Lip

An anti-aging care for the lip. It contains hyaluronic acid and vitamins to moisture the lip, reduce the lip lines and volumise the lip.


Powerful patented collagen boosters that give a strong anti-aging lip therapy, effectively minimizing the appearance of lines on the lip and around the lip area

Helps to firm and tone lips to have a more well-defined lip contour

Vitamins that protect lips from damaging free radicals

Restores moisture for an instantly plumped

Increase the appearance of lip volume up to 80% instantly after application with no stinging and irritating sensation

Enhances the results of lip injections

Boosts moisture retention and accumulation for maximum hydration on dry and chapped lips

Easy to apply with pleasant fresh minty flavor and non-greasy texture

Safe for use by pregnant women




Direction – Apply a generous amount to clean and dry lips using the applicator wand. Reapply as desired.

Suitable for all lip types. It delivers the good results after lip fillers.

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