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 What is Skin Tag?

  • Skin tag is generally a layman term referring to an overgrowth of skin surface which usually appeared like an excess skin tagging or hanging to the rest of skin surface.
  • Skin tag can appear as solitary lesion or multiple lesions.
  • Skin tag are usually due to aging skin changes, propagated by accumulative sun exposure and damages.
  • Is it dangerous? Most of the lesions are benign and not dangerous even thought most of the conditions can grow bigger progressively by time.
  • Unless it is growing and enlarging in a fast pace, then a suspicious should be raise for any possibility of cancerous lesions.



Treatment of Skin Tag

  • Generally, skin tag can be easily treated with laser treatments.
  • Removing these lesions with reserve mode will bring better outcome and results.
  • Other options of treatment such as acid dotting, surgical cautery, ligation and surgical dissection.

Recovery Period

  • It usually takes about one week for young patient and two weeks for older patient.
  • Generally, skin tag removal using lasers are very safe if properly done by professionals.

Prevention of Skin Tags

  • Prevention of skin tag growth is also very important.
  • Using a good medical grade sunscreen with adequate SPF will be very beneficial in long term skin care.
  • Sun block is proven effective to prevent UV induced skin damage and skin tags formation.
  • Skin which is aging with pigmentation is consider as a very fragile state of skin, adequate maintenance regenerative and vitamins treatment will help the skin to become better and preventing skin tags formation.
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