The Most Effective Stretch Mark Treatment in Malaysia

    by Revival Medical Clinic

    What is Stretch Mark?

    1. Stretch mark is also call striae
    2. Medically its consider as a kind of skin scarring with skin colour hue distortion
    3. Stretch marks are due to rapid tearing or stretching of dermis
    4. Commonly, it occurs at breasts, lower abdomen, thighs, hips, lower back, buttock and arms

    Causes of Stretch Mark

    1. Hormonal changes during puberty
    2. Pregnancy especially at 3rd trimester
    3. Body building- rapid growth
    4. Hormone replacement therapy-steroidal influences will weaken collagen in the skin matrix and risk for stretch marks formation
    5. Obesity- rapid gaining of body weight or rapid growth

    Stretch Mark Treatments

    1. Topical products
    2. Peelings
    3. Microneedling
    4. Dermoscrapping
    5. Dermabrasion
    6. Mesotherapy
    7. Vitamin injection with collagen stimulation
    8. Fractional laser resurfacing
    9. Endolift laser compaction
    10. Thread lift
    11. Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP)
    12. Hyaluronic acid therapy
    13. Radiofrequency therapy
    14. Ultrasound VASER Liposelection

    Pitfall of Stretch Mark Treatment

    1. Stretch mark treatment had gone through significant evolution as compared to treatment options available centuries ago.
    2. Stretch mark treatment safety and effectiveness are greatly enhanced with the latest treatments such as thread lift and endolift laser therapy
    3. Generally, combination of techniques will enhance the treatment outcomes as well as more cost effective
    4. Stretch mark treatment can be commence as fast as 4-6 months of delivery of pregnancy
    5. Effectiveness of all stretch mark treatments are always inferior to stretch mark prevention methods such as topical products, which enhance skin vitamins and antioxidants.

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