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Dr. Jeff Khoo is highly professional, detailed and caring even though my situation was pretty much less hassle. Came across Revival Clinic through Google under Emergency cases and i walked in straight on the following day without any hesitation. The result as well as services I received were excellent which proven that my choice was so Right by choosing Revival Clinic! Thumbs Up Dr. Jeff and team, KEEP IT GOING!!! 🙂
Angeline Ng
I had my cyst removal in Revival Clinic, I can say that the Doctor and all staffs were very professional to handle my situation. They explained very well and detail the removal procedures and how to take care of it after removal of cyst. After the cyst removal, they also follow up closely how is my recovery. Overall I'm very happy with the result and the price was very reasonable.
Ng Khai Hoong
I started sweating excessively during my late 20s. It would not resolve and that really affected my confidence. When I went to Revival Clinic to get treated, Dr. Jeff was so humble, professional and he made me feel comfortable. I'm so glad I had the procedure done. It made a huge improvement and I sweat normally now. The results that I saw were instant (*). I was definitely in good hands having the procedure done by Dr. Jeff.
I was looking for non surgical laser treatment for hyperhidrosis and bromhidrosis where Revival offers this treatment. During treatment, it had tolerable pain. Recovery took about a week with slight pain and swelling (*). I'm satisfied with the approximately 50% reduction of sweating and odor result (*).
Excessive Sweating/Body Odor
All staffs are good and feel secure during procedure. See the improvement over pigmentation obviously (*).You have done a good job.我觉得工作人员很有爱心,做的过程有安全感。对斑有明显改善。你们已经做得很好,赞!
Dual Yellow for Pigmentation
I had my yellow laser done for my pigmentation twice with Revival Clinic. Improvement seen from two sides of pigmentation after 1 to 2 weeks(*).
Dual Yellow Laser
I had seek treatment for palmar hyperhidrosis, and have had botox on both palms. The result was satisfying; sweat reduced almost 70-80% immediately (*) after treatment. Doctor is highly skillful and professional throughout the entire procedure. A thorough explanation of the procedure was briefed, as well as what to expect after treatment. Overall, the experience was satisfying. I was initially reluctant for fear that the pain would be unbearable. However, the entire ordeal was not as hurtful, and the presence of pleasant and understanding staffs made the whole experience less awkward and more comfortable.
Mrs. Chong
Palmar Hyperhidrosis
Revival offers a unique type of ACNE treatment and more safe!
Nur (24 years old)
Dr Jeff is a well-trained and skilled doctor in dermal injections and facial contouring.
Dermal Filler
I had shoulder pain for many years. After PRP treatment, it relieves the pain(*).
Ms Leong
PRP for Knee Pain
I had chin filler done for almost 3 months. I like the result where it is very natural (*).
J.J. Chu (29 years old)
Filler for V Shaping
My tummy becomes flatten after treatment (*).
Yap (21 years old)
Body Sculpting
I came to Dr. Jeff's clinic for slimming program. From the consultation, doctor suggested few slimming treatments and explained the advantages and disadvantages of each treatment. I decided to start with 27 days HCG diet program. I lost about 4kg after the program (*).
Priya (35 years old)
HCG Diet Program
I came to Revival for my excessive sweating and body odor problem which trouble me for some time. I surveryed treatment from Internet. The common treatment is botox. While, Revival offers laser lipolysis which achieve lasting result.The procedure was comfortable. Recovery was good. I noticed lot improvement for about 70 to 80% (*).I will recommend friends to Revival.
Mr Teoh (44 years old)
Hyperhidrosis & Body Odor
I came to Dr. Jeff's clinic for my body odour treatment because only they have this advance hyperhidrosis treatment (compared to conventional botulism toxin treatment). During the procedure, the pain was tolerable. Otherwise, it is considered a comfortable treatment. I experienced some numbness due to the local anaesthesia injected, but was gone in about 2 hours time. I gained a about 50% of improvement in my conditions and I like it very much (*). I like their services very much too, very friendly and pleasant staffs.
Mr Yap (24 years old)
Hyperhidrosis & Body Odor
I was having a terrible acnes due to the frequent oversea trip. I came to consult Dr. Jeff. The consultation was good and he advised me to do Sebrid treatment. It really worked for my acne! (*)
David Lai (Magic Man)
Sebrid Treatment & Products
I did my filler under eyes in the year 2014. And I came to do second sessions of filler injection over cheeks, nasolabial folds and chin this year again. Dr. Jeff explained very well during the consultation. I felt the pain during the procedure; however, the pain was tolerable. After treatment, the pain was no longer there. I just felt a bit of tightness over chin for about 3 days. I feel good now because it is so natural and my lines under eyes are improved compared previous where it showed clear black lines under eyes especially when I took the photo . I am happy and my children are also doing treatments with Dr. Jeff. (*)
Lina Rahim (51 years old)
Filler Injection (Periorbital, Cheeks, Nasolabial Folds & Chin)
He is nice doctor who will try to understand my skin problem and able to give suggestion to overcome it. I feel the better skin now (*).
Tay (25 years old)
Laser Treatment
Before treatment, my acne breakout a lot and my skin was very oily. Currently only a month of treatment, I am happy where my acne breakout is lesser and skin is not as oily as before (*).
Nur Syafiqah (24 years old)
Acne Treatment
My younger sister recommended him to me after she has undergone several treatments in this clinic. Dr Jeff gives clear explanation of the kind of treatments offered here. He is knowledgeable of the various treatments that he offers and gives good suggestions of which treatments available to suit different clients with different concerns.Friendly and caring staff members who are not pushy. As a serious client, I will keep coming back for this friendly atmosphere and will also recommend my friends to get treatment here too.I am satisfied with the results. It boosts my confidence level at work and when facing public. I also feel good and happy to look good.
Rose (54 years old)
Face Sculpting/ Uneven Skin Tone/ Pigmentation / Filler and Laser
I came to this clinic because of decent reviews of result & doctor (experience, good skill) from website. During consultation, doctor gave good & constructive advices, very patient & willing to spend some time in explaining the treatments. Reasonable price in the selected treatment as compared to others.Staffs are friendly, helpful & professional before & during treatments. Excellent follow up service (provided that the previous aesthetic clinics attended did not follow up anything after treatment).(*)
Clarence (26 years old)
Nose Threads
Firstly I chose to treat for my slimming concern with Dr Jeff in Revival Clinic, Kota Kemuning is because the clinic is nearest and most convenience to me. And also the fast response from the staffs made me feel more confident to choose this clinic. During treatment, the service is good and all information I needed is provided. I felt very satisfied about my result(*). I’ll definitely recommend Dr Jeff, Revival Clinic to all my friends and family members.
Samantha Ong (39 years old)
I had been trying many methods to solve my pigmentation. I was nearly give up because I did not see any improvement. While, my pigmentation became worst. Till I saw Dr. Jeff. He advised me to do vivapigment. I started to see my dark patches of pigmentation over my cheeks are lightening up after 3 to 4 months. Besides, I can feel that my skin texture is getting better and firmer (*). The dark patches are getting even better after 5 to 6 months (*). I am really appreciated the treatments done by Dr. Jeff.
Khoo SC (50 years old)
I never knew that filler can correct marionette lines (*) until Dr Jeff did it to me. It is very natural. No regret.
Mdm Khoo (56 years old)
My nose filler last me more than 2 years (*). Great job!
Ms Tee (34 years old)
To my surprise, filler injection in my temporal enhances my facelifting (*). I love the result. Thanks Dr Jeff!
Samantha (43 years old)
My friends used to comment that i always have tired look and my puffy eyes are bothering me all this while. From my friend's recommendation, I got to know Dr Jeff. Dr Jeff suggested me Vivalift for my condition as i'm looking for a treatment that is safe yet natural and effective result. After detailed understanding, I decided to do the Vivalift treatment. During the procedure, it was tolerable pain, otherwise, throughout the process, Dr Jeff and his staffs are very attentive and care to my needs. I felt comfortable throughout the procedures. Post treatment, I experienced some numbness on my cheeks area for short period of time but it was recovered uneventfully. Staffs provided good service care after the treatment. In about 2-3 months only, I started to notice my skin texture is getting better. The great part is my eyes are looking fresher now. Now my friends say that I am looking much younger than before (*), I love to hear it!! I am very satisfied with the Vivalift treatment and plan to do another session in near future once its recommended by Dr Jeff
Madam Kow (52 years old)
Walked in to meet dr jeff because i had been unhappy with my tired out eyes..ppl constantly ask me if i am tired or sleepy. . Dr jeff recommended filler around my eye area and he also recommended i do a bit of lifting on my cheek area.. i was skeptical at 1st but Jeff & his pleasant & professional therapists made me feel at eased. I would say that Dr jeff is a doctor who knows what to do with one's facial features and he does a great job at it too.. with minimal and bearable pain. Enhancing without changing my features was my main concern and he did just that for me. The clinic it self is cosy, welcoming and clean.. It took me about 2-3wks for the procedure to settle and take full effect.. lesser time for some i guess but i now look more radiant, refreshed and natural after all the swelling went away (*)... Glad and happy that i had visited Revival at Kota kemuning. Will definitely go back to dr jeff in the future..
Mdm Lee (43 years old)
Filler Injection
Dear Dr. Jeff & staff, It is truly difficult to find the words to fully express how amazing I feel and how happy I am. I want to thank you for the awesome result you gave me. You went above my expectation!! I love my nose. Now, each time I have looked in my mirror every morning, I've felt real confidence in my self-image. Staff - you guys were the best. You made me comfortable at all times, and your professionalism was outstanding.
MSS (36 years old)
Threads Nose Augmentation
Doktor ada memberi cadangan seperti makanan apa yang tidak boleh diambil atau yang boleh diambil. Kakitangan klinik juga amat mesra dan membantu. Suasana di klinik juga agak selesa.
Warda (23 years old)
Acne Scar Treatment
Revival Medical Clinic has a friendly, knowledgeable, handsome, informative, and skillful doctor as well as friendly staff members who are experienced and not pushy. Makes a client feel at ease and not forced to purchase products.It is also important for us to have full 'trust' in the hands of a knowledgeable and trained doctor to do a great job in which he is passionate.
Filler Injection
Revival solves my oily skin since i did the sebrid facial (*)
Farah (35 years old)
I am happy that my acne scar has been treated by Dr. Jeff. I experienced the swelling period for 4 days. But, it was worth. I can notice the improvement of scar after the treatment month by month (*). Bravo!!
Lim (35 years old)
Acne Scar Treatment
Revival's Keloid Injection treatment is by far the best I've ever tried (I have Keloid scar on my left arm) 'was able to see the big difference a few days after my first visit . The kind of treatment I was looking for all this time..Revival is d Best!!!
Mary Ann (40 years old)
I love the PRP. My skin becomes more moisture (*)!
Tuty (42 years old)
I had Frac CO2 laser performed over the face and neck areas, to remove the skin tags that I had for almost 5 years. The procedure was simple and quick, it took roughly 30-40 minutes for each session, and Dr Jeff Khoo actually removed a lot of them in a such short period! You might want to ask, is it painful? I would say YES. You might also want to ask, is there any redness after the procedures? Yes, it lasted for 5-7 days in my case. The redness and peeling effect are normal, if you able to understand the laser working principles. No pain No gain. You have no worries about the procedures & possible side effects, Dr Jeff will take care of everything! Say byebye to annoying skin tags!
xiujia (33 years old)

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